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Paypal, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo create DMARC protocolPaypal, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo create DMARC protocol

What is DMARC?

DMARC is the brainchild of PayPal in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. It is an email authentication standard that helps businesses understand and improve their email traffic. DMARC safeguards your organization from phishing and domain spoofing attacks that can harm your brand’s reputation. DMARC instructs receiving mail servers on how to evaluate emails that claim to be from your domain.

Why Brands Need DMARC Authentication?

Eliminate Spoofing and Phishing

You can instruct mailbox providers and receiving email systems to block any message that says it’s from your domain but doesn’t have email authentication technologies applied to it. With a DMARC policy, you can prevent unauthorized use of your email domain and block spam, fraud, and phishing attacks in order to protect your email subscribers and your brand.

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Improve Deliverability

You get in-depth analytics about what percent of your messages are being properly authenticated, which ones aren’t being authenticated, and why and where those messages are coming from. This data is really valuable and helps senders better understand who is using the domain. The DMARC reporting mechanism provides you with insights that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

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Monitor Email Health

You gain complete visibility into your email sending system and the volume of email messages that are being sent from your domains. You’ll find out who and what across the Internet is sending emails using your domains and if they are authorized senders or not.

dashboard component of third party email senders

Track Suspicious Activity

Receive alerts about DMARC issues, email volume spikes, problems with DKIM and SPF authentication, directly in your Slack, or Email. You get the right alerts at the right time!

dashboard component of third party email senders

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